OnMi -Healthy Weight Support Patch -12 pack - Give your body every advantage with the natural energy and antioxidants found in our healthy weight loss patches.


Our Healthy Weight Loss Patch was formulated to support body composition along with a balanced diet and exercise by:


  • Helping your body metabolize fat, carbs, and sugars.
  • Transporting long-chain fatty acids, making you feel full.
  • Providing natural sources of energy to keep you on track.


When used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, the Healthy Weight Patch can help you reach your weight loss goals



Brindleberry: 14 mg

Yerba Maté: 14 mg 

Bitter Orange Flower: 13 mg

Arabica Green Coffee: 9 mg 


Peel: Carefully remove the protective film from the Healthy Weight Loss Patch.

Stick: Apply to any dry area of skin, taking care to avoid hair.

Remove: Soak in water for easy removal.

Repeat: Great for daily wear. Our patches can be worn for up to 12 hours!