Nutrameltz Zinc 25mg | Boosts Immune System | 60 Melting tablets | Lemon Flavour

  • Boosts Immune System and accelerates wound healing
  • Maintain and support immune function
  • Helps in preventing zinc deficiency
  • Maintain body’s ability to metabolize nutrients


Zinc is an abundant trace mineral in the human body that plays a role in immune function and metabolic function. Zinc acts as an antioxidant by reducing the oxidative stress in the cells caused by accumulation of free radicals. Human body cannot store excess zinc, it must be consumed through diet or supplementation. Zinc supplementation helps maintain healthy bones, hair, nails, skin, and connective tissue formation. Zinc is needed to improve your immune system response as it is vital for cell signaling and cell function of T-cells, which are vital for protecting your body from infection.