NanoVeda Vegan Oral Probiotic Strips 5 Billion CFU, Probiotics for Healthy Gut & Digestive Health for Men, Women & Children, Strengthen Immunity-30 Orosoluble Strips in Natural Butterscotch Flavour

  • High potency & probiotic strain diversity - Our Probiotic strips have a massive amount of strains of the best Probiotics which are most beneficial for the health of your gut and immune system.
  • Immunity booster - Our probiotics strips are super packed with herbs, vitamin and minerals which helps support your immunity. Packed with super ingredients & a variety of minerals and herbs blend.
  • Clinically Studied - Nanoveda Probiotic strips are naturally sourced and scientifically proven to work in harmony with your body to keep your system and overall health in balance.
  • Healthy skin - Many avenues of research have examined probiotics benefits for skin. The skin benefits of probiotics seem also to be connected to the reduction of inflammation seen in healthy gut bacteria. Probiotics can also reduce skin inflammation.
  • Shelf stable - No refrigeration required - Our Probiotic strips have been carefully designed to be stable at room temperature. It is easy to store and great for travel.