Kool For Men - Joint Mobility + Patches to Support Movement, Mobility, and Joint Function with Glucosamine, Zinc, Turmeric, and Copper Disc, 30-Day Supply



  • POWERFUL INGREDIENTS: Make your movement more mindful and reduce aches and pains with this topical patch infused with zinc, glucosamine, and turmeric, ingredients known to support mobility and joint function. The patches also have a thin copper disc that has magnetic qualities to aid in circulation and joint inflammation, as well as a thermochromatic Cu symbol that fades throughout use to indicate its absorption and lifespan.
  • SAFE, THOUGHTFUL FORMULATIONS: Our patches are vegan, gluten-free, and made with natural ingredients. They are made in the USA in collaboration with a leading doctor and nutritionist. They are not tested on animals, are free of latex, and are manufactured in GMP-certified, FDA-registered facilities.
  • EXTENDED RELEASE: Each patch lasts for a full 24 hours, releasing ingredients throughout the day and giving you the support you need all day and night. Your purchase includes a one-month supply of 30 patches, which will have a cumulative effect over time. As such, patches are not designed for immediate effects. For maximum benefit, complete the 30-day course.
  • MAXIMUM BENEFIT Instead of being absorbed through the stomach, where the digestive process can destroy much of the dose, the ingredient in our patches go straight into the bloodstream and are absorbed from your skin. What does this mean? It means they are much more potent than a traditional capsule, tablet, or drink. It is for this simple reason that you can attain maximum benefit from a smaller dose delivered via patch.
  • Vegan, Gluten-Free, Latex-Free