Eyetitude FixZer Instant Repair 15 ml

Eyetitude’s FixZer Instant Eye Repair is a clinical strength product formulated from natural ingredients to instantly reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffy tissue under the eyes as well as promote long term healing of the main causes of these problems. 

Light diffusing ingredients instantly modify visible dark circles and puffy eye tissue by creating invisible particles of mineral pigment that reflect and emit light making imperfections temporarily disappear. 

Long term healing is facilitated by several breakthrough active ingredients that address the main causes of these problems.  Hesperidin methyl chalcone is a flavanoid derived from citrus that helps eliminate the blood originated pigments responsible for dark circle color under the eye area. 

It also helps to reduce capillary permeability preventing the tiny blood vessels in the skin around your eyes from leaking and causing dark circles.  

Hesperidin is an anti-inflammatory which helps to reduce puffiness and swelling. 

Chrysin is a flower (found off the coast of Greece) and is a potent bioflavonoid which has been shown to have excellent anti-inflammatory properties and to enhance the vaso-protective effects of hesperidin. 

This clinical strength firmly enhances skin’s firmness while restoring a bright and youthful appearance to the eye area. 

The results are amazing when used as directed. 


Directions:  Every morning after cleansing, gently apply eye cream to eye area