Dr. Kontos Essential Iodine Drops, an ORGANIC FULVIC ACID Supplement for Metabolism & Thyroid Balance – Promotes Healthy Hair & Skin – Vegan Friendly Formula – 1 Fl Oz

About this item

✅ BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM and COGNITIVE FUNCTION – Iodine prevents immune system from being weakened by free radicals and supports the healthy function of the nervous system and cognitive functions, including focus and memory. Iodine is a booster of the immune system as being an antioxidant (molecular iodine).

✅ SUPPORTS THYROID FUNCTION – Do you struggle with your weight? It may be due to imbalances in the thyroid gland. These pure iodine drops can help get your metabolism back up to normal levels. The ONLY PURE MOLECULAR iodine supplement worldwide (no unnecessary iodene, potassium or iodide). NON-TOXIC and NON-ALLERGENIC.

✅ KEEPS SKIN & HAIR HEALTHY – Iodine is important for hair growth, making it a must-have mineral for anyone who wants gorgeous, flowing locks. It also helps rejuvenate your skin and fight dryness!

✅ HELPS when feeling FATIGUED, having MOOD SWINGS and assists WEIGHT MANAGEMENT.

✅ CRITICAL in maintaining VISUAL function and EYE MOISTURE

✅ ADVANCED FORMULA – INSTANT ABSORPTION – You will feel the difference next day! A superior formula to Nascent, Povidone and Lugol's Iodine.

✅ ENJOY OVERALL WELLNESS – Adding more essential iodine to your diet has great benefits for your liver and kidneys. Promotes DETOXIFICATION. It also indirectly aids tissue repair, mood balance, and cognitive development.

✅ UNIQUE FORMULA: This drops provide the recommended quantity of iodine and DO NOT overload the body with iodide, potassium or other unwanted substances. It also comes with all the benefits of FULVIC ACID. TASTELESS and colorless. PLEASE NOTE that OTHER iodine products DO NOT CONTAIN purely elemental (molecular) IODINE.

✅ DOSAGE: Daily 8-15 drops with water in the morning It contains Iodine-V (patented formula) and purified water. Iodine-V is highly antiseptic and effective against viruses. PLOS ONE article: 0254341