NanoVeda Vegan Oral Iron Strips, Iron Supplement, Red Blood Cell Supplement, Ideal for Men, Women, Children with Iron Deficiency-30 Orosoluble Strips in Natural Kiwi Grape Flavour

  • More energy, less fatigue, feel rejuvenated - Iron is used by the body in the production of red blood cells that transport oxygen throughout the body. These strips significantly improve the absorption of iron into the body and can reduce the risk of anaemia. The immune defences are improved with the absorption of iron. Low levels of vitamin C can lead to impaired immunity and increased risk of infection.
  • Fast acting, quicker results - Inadequate Iron intake may deplete Iron stores which may affect the blood hemoglobin levels that carry oxygen throughout the body. Nanoveda iron strips increase hemoglobin levels better than the conventionally used Iron tablets. In addition, Zinc in combination with Iron also increases hemoglobin levels better than Iron alone.
  • Gentle on the stomach and no discomfort - Nanoveda strips are easy to consume and leave no bad aftertaste.
  • Essential mineral for overall health - Helps maintain energy utilization and promotes red blood cell production
  • Supports women’s health - Nanoveda iron strips supports women’s health for energy utilization in daily life.