Pure Natura POWER – Energy and Endurance 180 ct

POWER – Energy Support

POWER is an exclusive blend of organs, glands and handpicked herbs. A true nutritional powerhouse from Mother Earth. It provides the ingredients which are lacking from most of today’s diet.

Each capsule of this powerful pure blend contains desiccated wild roaming Icelandic lamb heart and liver, organic garlic and Icelandic wild growing, hand-picked arctic root. It includes an abundance of essential nutrients of high quality, easily used by your body for maintenance and energy production.

POWER is for those who aim for energy and vitality.

  • POWER is great energy and endurance support that is inspired by nutritional therapy, homeopathy, and herbal medicine; POWER is a dynamic mixture of Icelandic lamb liver and lamb hearts, combined with carefully selected, handpicked herbs. These herbs are known for their immune strengthening properties as well as their positive effects on stress. The blend is suitable for those who want to maximize their performance under physical and mental stress, such as athletes or those exposed to much stress at work. During extra stressful periods the dose can be doubled, for example during competition season, through a test session, before going to an important meeting where one has to be extra sharp etc.

General energy and nerve support through nutrition and herbs.

Precaution: Garlic has mild blood thinning effects and might increase the risk of bleeding and bruising. Stop taking garlic at least two weeks before a scheduled surgery. Garlic also might interfere with blood pressure by lowering it. Those with low blood pressure be aware of that.