Nuke Nutrition Lipo Loss Tablets | 60 Tablets | Maximum Strength Weight Loss Pills that Work Fast

  • RAPID ACTING - We have created a highly unique, potent and rapidly acting fat burning formula for ultra-fast results. Our fat burning tablets mean no waiting, no faff and no bull. Once one of our potent pills hits your stomach it will immediately dissolve and begin the process of burning fat relentlessly, lighting a furnace, burning intensely, within your metabolism. Within a few weeks, you will start to notice fat being chiselled away to reveal a lean, mean, body waiting to be unleashed.
  • BECOME A FAT BURNING BEAST - Our weight loss diet pills are scientifically designed to suppress appetite and sugar cravings to put your body into a state of thermogenic fat burner ketosis, which is when your body uses fat stores as a source of energy and begins to burn fat. Our lipo loss burner tablets are aptly named to Nuke and obliterate fat fast to reveal your bulging biceps, chiselled chest and ginormous glutes.
  • OTENT & NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Every tablet is infused with active herbal extracts such as Korean ginseng, acai berry, caffeine and green tea. All herbal extracts are sourced from the highest quality suppliers and every batch is tested methodically to ensure purity, quality and effectiveness. We have also increased the dosage to ensure you lose weight fast. Moreover, the caffeine in our formula is slow release so you will not experience a crash as you do with other weight loss tablets.




Nuke Nutrition present their latest breakthrough in scientific weight loss. With it's unique blend of ingredients Nuke Nutrition Lipo Loss ensures you lose weight quickly, but safely. You will not be disappointed with the results Lipo Loss provides!



Active Ingredients:Green Tea Extract 50mg 20:1, Acai Berry 100mg 4:1, Korean GInseng 100mg 10:1, Caffeine 50mg.