Nuke Nutrition Aids Sleep Pattern & Mood 60 Capsules


  • Helps Combat Anxiety Levels

  • Promotes Healthy Nervous System

  • Helps Regulates Healthy Sleep Patterns



Nuke Nutrition's Sleep Enhance will reduce stress levels and fight against insomnia. By reducing stress and anxiety levels you body will sleep easier and depression levels will decrease. Stress contributes to a wide range of mental health issues that can lead to depression, anxiety and insomnia. With Nuke Nutrition's Sleep Enhance you will be able to fight back by simply taking 1-2 capsules per day.




Guarana 400mg 5:1, Ginkgo Biloba 4500mg 50:1, Soy Lecithin 50mg, Sage Leaf 750mg 10:1, Rosmarinic Acid 2.5mg, Vitamin D3 100iu