Tahi - Beelicious Honey Kids (Bee) 250g / 400g

Gold medal winner of 2020 London Honey Quality Awards

Beelicious honey is a tasty blend that kids will love. It is the perfect way to introduce young taste buds to the deliciousness of wild, raw New Zealand honey and they can collect the 3 fun labels celebrating our love of bees, birds and the  land.


  • Beelicious honey is designed specifically for kids. It is pure, 100% natural, pesticide-free with 3 collectable bee-spoke designs (Land, Bee and Birds) representing Tahi’s environmental work.


  • DELICIOUS blend of New Zealand’s native wildflowers, including Manuka, Kanuka, Pohutukawa and Rewarewa.


  • ETHICALLY HARVESTED in remote, pristine regions of New Zealand (far from spraying), meaning raw honey that is unpasteurised, GMO and GE free with no added sugar, water or chemicals and a high pollen content


  • Tahi honey is fully TRACEABLE from hive to table: our honey is prepared for extraction in batches, so every single jar can be traced back to the hives it originated from.


  • MGO 40+: every batch of Tahi honey is scientifically tested in an independent lab. MGO stands for Methylglyoxal, the molecule giving honey its unique medicinal properties.


  • WINNER of Best Luxury Honey in the world in 2020 by Luxury Lifestyle Awards and New Zealand Best Sustainable Business Award 2020.


  • 100% FULL CIRCLE: 100% of Tahi’s profits go directly into Conservation projects, Community and Culture.


  • 1 NZD out of every jar sold goes directly to Tahi’s Bee Friends educational programme for Kids.


  • The BIRD label features New Zealand’s native harrier hawk and fantail, 2 of 71 species we share our forest with at Tahi. 

Additional info:

Situated in a remote corner of New Zealand’s North Island Tahi is more than just a honey brand,it is a 780-acre wildlife sanctuary and rejuvenation project. At Tahi, sustainability is a living philosophy. Tahi began a restoration project in 2004 that has restored 14 wetlands, and planted more than 349,000 indigenous trees (part of a 1 million pledge). Today many bird species have returned (71 vs 14 originally) including 22 endangered.

Tahi is carbon neutral and biodiversity positive – through extensive research, development and investment into our key areas. Our 100% full circle business model means every dollar of profit is invested back into conservation, community and culture, which means we are not only sustaining our environment and natural wildlife, we are enhancing it. Check out www.tahinz.com for more info.

Usage: enjoy it by the spoonful, as a spread on bread or toast, or to add sweetness and flavour to baking and cooking